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Obligations Of Public Authorities Under Sector 4


Obligations of Public Authorities under Sector 4(1)(b)(1) of RTI Act-2005


Duties and Responsibilities of Officers and Staff of KEA


(A) Duties and responsibilities of the President of KEA


  • President means president of the governing body
  • To preside over all the Governing Body meeting and conduct meeting properly
  • To be responsible for working of the Society
  • To supervise and guide the overall activities of the society
  • To approve Expenditure as per the delegation of financial powers to Principal Secretary/Secretary
  • To sanction expenditure up to five lakhs at a time for item not budgeted
  • Calling of special meetings of Governing Body


(B) Duties and responsibilities of Chief Evaluation Officer


  • To call meeting of the General Body/Governing Body
  • To keep and preserve all the records of the society/Governing Body
  • To keep minutes of all the meetings of General Body/Governing Body
  • To submit to Governing Body the annual Accounts and budget of the Society in time
  • He/She will be over all in charge of administration and execution of all the programme of the society including financial affairs.
  • To keep accounts of all the financial transaction of society
  • To get the accounts audited by Chartered Accountant appointed by Governing Body
  • To furnish all relevant information to Government, the Executive Committee and General Body
  • To maintain and safeguard all the assets of the society
  • To prepare and submit Annual reports and Audited reports to Government of Karnataka in time
  • He/She, along with the treasurer, shall jointly sign all cheques of the society and operate the KEA funds
  • To oversee the preparation of Annual Budget of KEA and submit to Governing Body and General Body for verification and approval.
  • To prepare Annual Action Plan for financial year as per approved budget and submit it to Governing Body for approval
  • To operate the funds of KEA as per the powers vested in him vide rule 20(f) of MOA
  • To approve the salary/allowance bills of the Employee of KEA
  • He/She shall arrange for Annual verification of the assets and certify. Discrepancy shall be reported to Governing Body.
  • He/She shall exercise powers delegated to him/her in General delegation of Common Financial powers to various officers of KEA
  • He/She will exercise all powers delegated to him/her by government under delegation of Administration powers of KEA Officers
  • He/she shall be chairperson of standing Empanelment Committee
  • He will get the desk appraisal done for Empanelment of Evaluation Consultants and independent assessors
  • He/she will get the short listed applications sorted out into different groups based on geographical location, area of specialization on other suitable criteria.
  • He/she will prepare the category wise list of qualified consultant applicants and place before Empanelment Committee for approved and drop all ineligible cases
  • He/she will hear all review petitions by Consultants applications and dispose them suitably
  • He/She will call expression of interest from research agencies/institutes/universities for the evaluation task.
  • He/She will empanel the research agencies/institutes/universities for entrusting the evaluation studies.
  • He/She will call for the financial bids for purpose of evaluation
  • He/She will invite application for eligible candidates for Administration, technical ministerial and other posts in the societies and make appointment in accordance with rules and regulations of the society.
  • He/She will be the member secretary of the Technical Committee constituted to deal all technical matters.
  • He/She should submit the Annual Performance report card of Employees of programme wing of KEA to CEO in Annexure –VIII of HR Manual of KEA.


(D) Duties and responsibilities of Administrative officer


  • He/She will exercise all powers delegated to him/her by Government of Karnataka under delegation of Administrative powers to KEA officers.
  • He/She will exercise all powers delegated to him/her by Government of Karnataka under delegation of Common Financial powers of officers of KEA.
  • He/She shall assist CEO/ACEO in all administrative matters of KEA in discharging him/her duties and responsibilities.
  • He/She shall carry out the day-today administration of KEA
  • He/She will jointly sign the cheques of KEA whenever he is authorised.
  • A.O. will function under the overall control and supervision of CEO.
  • He/she will exercise the powers in payment of salaries and allowances to KEA employees.
  • To assist the CEO,KEA in preparation on Annual Report of KEA.
  • He/She shall watch the progress of expenditure against the approved budget and Annual Action Plan.
  • He/She should observe complete integrity in Financial Matters but also to ensure best possible value is obtained for the public money spent.
  • He/She will head the Administration wing of KEA.
  • He/She will be the Member Secretary of selection committee in respect of Administrative wing for selecting candidates for Administrative Wing.
  • He/She should submit the Annual Performance report of Employees of programme wing of KEA to CEO in Annexure -IX of HR Manual of KEA
  • He/She shall be obliged to all the obligation listed therein
  • He/She will be the Member Secretary of Empanelment Committee constituted to Empanel Evaluation Consultant and independent assessors and shall discharge all the duties as Member Secretary.


(A) Duties and responsibilities of Accounts officer


  • AO should assist the Principal Secretary, Planning Dept/ CEO/ACEO/AO in all accounts matters of KEA
  • He/She will working under control of CEO/ACEO/AO
  • He/She should carry out all the assignments entrusted to him/her related to Accounts of KEA
  • He/She should be well conversant with the financial rules of the Government
  • Proper maintenance of accounts and timely submission of returns for all transactions.
  • Regular checking of accounts to ensure that no fraud, misappropriation and other irregularities takes place and
  • Exercising strict and close control over subordinates with regard to utilisation of public funds and maintenance of proper accounts.
  • Ensure that all transactions are brought to account and all receipts received are accounted in full and credited to Bank/Treasury within time stipulated in the KEA or as per the specific orders issued by the Competent authority and
  • All receipts which are not Government money should be paid into Public Account . Under no circumstances, these funds be mixed with the State funds.
  • Every officer receiving money on behalf of the Authority must give the payer a receipt in KEA form
  • It is the duty of every officer and official of KEA not only top observe complete in financial matters but also to ensure best possible value is obtained for the public spent as per article 16 of KEA.
  • To assist the CEO, KEA in preparation and scrutiny of the Budget proposals of KEA.
  • He/She shall act as IFA to the CEO in all matters pertaining to finance accounts and audit matters of KEA.
  • Assist the CEO in scrutinizing new evaluation proposals from the agencies, Departments and accepting the new studies to be taken up by the KEA.
  • The AO shall watch the progress of expenditure against the provisions approved in the budget and as per approved AAP.
  • Responsible for getting the reconciliation of expenditure and the receipts done with reference to the books of accounts maintained in the AG's office, bank pass books and treasury schedules as the case may be.
  • To scrutiny scrupulously all bills presented for payment out of KEA funds and get timely approval of the higher authority for payment of the approved bills.
  • Advise the CEO for annual verification of the stock accounts of various types of furniture and fixtures equipments, stores.
  • Assist in preparation of information pertaining to Budget accounts and audit to the CEO,KEA
  • Prepare and submit a monthly statement of receipts and expenditure place it before the CEO.
  • To co-ordinate smooth conduct of audit by various agencies like AG's office and Chartered Accountants and also in timely compliance to the observations made during the audit.
  • To maintain the register of outstanding audit objections and settlement audit observations and report timely to the CEO regarding the settlement of the audit objections.
  • To assist the CEO in preparation of the Final accounts after the closure of accounts of the KEA and Preparation of the required documents pertaining to KEA for submission of the same to the registrar of co-op societies, AG, Karnataka and also for the Chartered Accountant as required.


(1)Duties and responsibilities of Consultant (Procurement)


  • He shall assist the Chief Evaluation Officer on the following tasks;
  • Recruitment of officers & staff in KEA.
  • Mobilizing and empanelling sufficient number of well qualified external evaluation consultants in accordance with the guidelines contained in the KEA Empanelment Manual and the provisions contained in KTTP Act.
  • Purchase of any machines/equipments etc.
  • He shall carry out any other works assigned to him from time to time.


(2)Duties and responsibilities of Consultant (Evaluation)


  • Work directly under the supervision and control of CEO.
  • He shall co-ordinate with the line departments in getting details required for the preparation of Terms of Reference(TOR’s)
  • He shall prepare the TOR’s of all the schemes/Programmes/projects including centrally sponsored schemes implemented in various Government departments. Public sector under taking, corporations, boards and other organizations where the Govt. has the control to take up evaluation studies.
  • He shall take up the inventorization of all the Govt. Departments.
  • He shall short list the schemes/programmes/projects which are fit to be taken up for evaluation and put up before CEO for decision.
  • He shall participate in the meetings and presentations relating to work plan(inception reports), Draft reports etc. and offer comments for effective evaluation.
  • He shall make a standard format to capture all the details of TOR’s and record in a register.
  • Any other work assigned by the Chief Evaluation Officer, KEA.


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